INFLUENCERZ is a series of ERC-1155 NFT collectible trading cards with proof of ownership stored on the Ethereum blockchain. New INFLUENCERZ cards are periodically released, with one of two minting options. Some cards will be available to be minted for Ethereum, while other cards will require one or more INFLUENCERZ tokens (INFLZ) to be burned in order to mint the newest card in the collection.

This keeps it fun and interesting while also introducing a burn mechanism that makes every collectible trading card a deflationary ERC-1155 token collectible.

The goal of this card series is to make people laugh and enjoy collecting INFLUENCERZ digital collectible trading cards.


"INFLUENCERZ is an ERC-1155 NFT digital collectible trading card series featuring characters that are a parody of social media influencers.

Everyone and their brother is a self-proclaimed social media influencer these days, and with so much cringe-worthy content out there I thought it would be the perfect NFT collectible trading card series. My goal is to make you laugh each time you see the newest card in the series.

Making the ERC-1155 tokens deflationary was done to make this fun to collect along with a little twist. This is something I have been working on since pre-COVID. It's what helped keep me occupied during lockdown. I discovered CryptoPunks early and I immediately thought, "Wow, my dad would have thought NFTs were the coolest."

I grew up in the sports card world. My dad owned a card shop. He was also an artist and photographer. The combination of those things is what attracted me to NFTs. I know he would have been all-in on this space if he was still here. NFTs bring me back to those times with him as a kid. Honestly, it's those happy memories that made me jump into the NFT world head first.

So, I wanted to create a collectible trading card series that incorporated some of the memories from back in the day and would also be a fun collectible that would make people laugh. Laughter and comedy is therapeutic and something that most don't get enough of.

When a new card is released it will be available to mint one of two ways. Some cards will be minted for Ethereum, while other releases will require burning one or more INFLUENCERZ tokens. As the NFT world grows and attracts new collectors, the quantity of each card will decrease throughout the entire collection.

Creating these brings me joy, and allows me to express my creativity while injecting a little humor. Also, in a selfish way it keeps me connected to those childhood memories with my dad.

I hope you enjoy collecting them as much as I enjoy creating them." - @long



  • How are INFLUENCERZ cards released?
    Each new card in the series is released on our website and can be minted. Once a card sells out a date and time will be announced for when the next card in the series will be available for minting. Releases will be announced via our Email List, Discord, and Twitter. Once a card mints out the secondary market action can be found on OpenSea.
  • How many INFLUENCERZ cards will be in the collection?
    This is a long-term project that will continue to mint new cards for the foreseeable future. New cards will continue to be introduced.
  • How much do INFLUENCERZ cost?
    Each card will be priced at 0.0069 ETH. As mentioned, some will also only be available to mint by burning INFLUENCERZ tokens.
    The goal is to make people laugh. To make collectors laugh and smile. Digital trading cards + comedy + collectibility + scarcity = a fun NFT series. The goal is to remind collectors why we are adults running around with cartoon PFPs and collecting NFTs. Because it's fun! 
  • Can you explain the deflationary aspect?
    While some cards will be made available to mint with Ethereum, some will require burning one or more INFLUENCERZ in order to mint. This creates a deflationary collection. What cards will be used as burn tokens? Each card initially has 999 editions, but with the burn mechanism it will result in many cards in the series having a much lower supply over time and fewer "full set" opportunities each time a new burn-to-mint card is released in the collection.


New cards are announced on three channels:

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